A little background:

I was raised by a photographer and woodworker with a physicist degree, and a science librarian with a penchant for quilting. I’m a 30-something computer nerd with an emphasis on the human side of things; my doctorate is in Human-Computer Interaction. On the side, I write science fiction and fantasy, take photographs, run role-playing games, recreate the middle ages, and espouse on sociology and other observations on life and society.

At work I’m a usability specialist, currently investigating analysis and design of multi-user interaction. I am currently helping to design a complex versioning/building/testing system, and work to streamline the workflows of our developers. My statements here are not official statements from any employer of mine.

I wrote a scifi novel, Duplicate. Yes, it’s got a fair amount of programming in it. You can read a free sample at that website, and buy an electronic or paper copy. I write fairly slowly, but the next book is in the works, and there are perpetually a set of short stories out for review in the pro markets.

(I’m *not* the guy who wrote ISORecorder–so if you need support for that, visit http://alexfeinman.com instead.)


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