Thin, light, elegant and off-kilter

I updated to iOS7 and all I got was this flimsy look-n-feel:

Srsly, even on the lock screen, everything looks ‘off’ by a pixel here and a pixel there. The rest of their examples, it just looks like they stopped paying their visual consistency engineers/QEs halfway through the design refresh. For such a mammoth undertaking, it’s understandable some things slip through–except if you’re the largest company in the world who made their killing on Insanely Great user experience.

More persistently annoying, though, are some tiny frustrations that add up like the rough spots on an injured tooth:

  1. Slower keyboard response. Time between tap and letter-appearing is greater, not much, but this is realllllly crucial interval. Makes the whole phone feel sluggish.
  2. Loss of Calendar’s “agenda” view. This was the bomb, especially if your day sometimes involves one event at 7 am and another at 9pm, or if you want to scroll through what your next few days look like. If we’re getting rid of skeuomorphism, how about getting rid of this slavish adherence to a linear time axis?
  3. The thrifting of Safari’s bottom-bar buttons. I didn’t need that extra screen real estate so much that it’s worth hiding my nav and bookmark buttons. I navigate a LOT, the result of reading very fast. Yes, I eventually figured out that if you scroll up a ways, the buttons re-appear; so I get to waggle my finger all over the screen trying to find my way to my bookmarks.
  4. Continuing the thrifting to save space, Safari now doesn’t show page titles. Well, who adds <title> tags any more these days anyway? Other than everyone? I guess they’re still useful for naming your bookmarks.

2 thoughts on “Thin, light, elegant and off-kilter

  1. The agenda view is there. Just tap the search button (can we call those controls “buttons” anymore?).

    I agree with your points but, overall, I like it and I expect Apple will keep polishing the rough edges.

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